Here following we report the publications starting from 2017, the time when the group was born. Please go here for a complete list of publications.


A. Lupi, M. Volonteri, R. Decarli, S. Bovino, J. Silk
High-redshift quasars and their host galaxies II: multiphase gas and stellar kinematics, MNRAS, ArXiV
K. Henríquez-Brocal, R. Herrera-Camus, L. Tacconi, R. Genzel, A. Bolatto, S. Bovino, R. Demarco, N. Förster Schreiber, M. Lee, D. Lutz, and M. Rubio
Molecular gas properties of Q1700-MD94: a massive, main-sequence galaxy at z 2, A&A Letters, ArXiV


A. Lupi, S. Bovino, T. Grassi
On the low ortho-to-para H2 ratio in star-forming filaments, A&A Letters, ArXiV
S. Bovino, A. Lupi, A. Giannetti, G. Sabatini, D.R.G. Schleicher, F. Wyrowski, & K.M. Menten
Chemical analysis of prestellar cores in Ophiuchus yields short timescales and rapid collapse, A&A, ArXiV
S. Ferrada-Chamorro, A. Lupi, and S. Bovino
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E. Redaelli, S. Bovino, A. Giannetti, G. Sabatini, P. Caselli, F. Wyrowski, D.R.G. Schleicher, and D. Colombo
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P.J. Ávila, T. Grassi, S. Bovino, A. Chiavassa, B. Ercolano, S.O. Danielache, E. Simoncini
Presence of water on exomoons orbiting free-floating planets: a case study, Int. Journal of Astrobiology, 20, 300 ArXiV
T. Grassi, F. Nauman, J. P. Ramsey, S. Bovino, G. Picogna, and B. Ercolano
Reducing the complexity of chemical networks via interpretable autoencoders, A&A, ArXiV
G. Sabatini, S. Bovino, A. Giannetti, T. Grassi, J. Brand, E. Schisano, F. Wyrowski, S. Leurini, and K.M. Menten
Establishing the evolutionary timescales of the massive star formation process through chemistry, A&A, 652 ArXiV
E. Sillero, P.B. Tissera, D.G. Lambas, S. Bovino, D.R.G. Schleicher, T. Grassi, G. Bruzual, and S. Charlot
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G. Bovolenta, S. Bovino, E. Voehringer-Martinez, D. A. Saeza, T. Grassi, S. Vogt-Geisse
High level ab initio binding energy distribution of molecules on interstellar ices: Hydrogen fluoride, Mol. Astrophys., 21, 100095, ArXiV
G. Sabatini, S. Bovino, A. Giannetti, F. Wyrowski, M. A. Ordenes, R. Pascale, T. Pillai, M. Wienen, T. Csengeri, and K. M. Menten
Survey of ortho-H2D+ in high-mass star-forming regions, A&A, 644, A34, ArXiV
T. Grassi, S. Bovino, P. Caselli, G. Bovolenta, S. Vogt-Geisse, B. Ercolano
A novel framework to study the impact of binding energy distributions on the chemistry of dust grains, A&A, 643, A155, ArXiV
A. Lupi, A. Pallottini, A. Ferrara, S. Bovino, S. Carniani, L. Vallini
Predicting FIR lines from simulated galaxies, MNRAS, 496, 5160 ArXiV
S. Bovino, S. Ferrada-Chamorro, A. Lupi, D.R.G. Schleicher, and P. Caselli
A new proxy to estimate the cosmic-ray ionisation rate in dense cores , MNRAS Letters, 495, L7-L11 ArXiV
A. Lupi and S. Bovino
The [CII]-SFR correlation in dwarf galaxies across cosmic time, MNRAS, 492, 2818 ArXiV


S. Bovino, S. Ferrada-Chamorro, A.Lupi, A. Giannetti, G. Sabatini, D.R.G. Schleicher
The 3D structure of CO depletion in high-mass prestellar regions, ApJ, 887, 1-10 ArXiV
G. Sabatini, A. Giannetti, S. Bovino, J. Brand, S. Leurini, E. Schisano, T. Pillai, K. M. Menten
On the size of the CO-depletion radius in the IRDC G351.77-0.52, MNRAS, 490, 4489 ArXiV
S. Bovino and D. Galli
First molecule still animates astronomers Science, Vol. 365, Issue 6454, pp. 639 Full text
A. Lupi, M. Volonteri, R. Decarli, S. Bovino, J. Silk, and J. Bergeron
High-redshift quasars and their host galaxies I: kinematical and dynamical properties and their tracers. MNRAS, 488, 4004 ArXiV
M. A. Latif, A. Lupi, D. R. G. Schleicher, G. D'Amico, P. Panci, S. Bovino
Black hole formation in the context of dissipative dark matter MNRAS, accepted ArXiV
A. Giannetti, S. Bovino, P. Caselli, S. Leurini, D.R.G. Schleicher, B. Koertgen, K. M. Menten, T. Pillai, F. Wyrowski
A timeline for massive star-forming regions via combined observation of o-H2D+ and N2D+, A&A Letters, 621, L7 ArXiV


R. Riaz, S. Bovino, S. Vanaverbeke, D.R.G. Schleicher
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B. Koertgen, S. Bovino, D. R. G. Schleicher, A. Stutz, and R. Banerjee
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P. R. Capelo, S. Bovino, A. Lupi, D. Schleicher, T. Grassi
The effect of non-equilibrium metal cooling on the interstellar medium, MNRAS, 475, 3283 ArXiV
A. Lupi, S. Bovino, P. R. Capelo, M. Volonteri, J. Silk
The natural emergence of the correlation between H2 and star formation rate surface densities in galaxy simulations, MNRAS, 474, 2884 ArXiV
G. D'Amico, P. Panci, A. Lupi, S. Bovino, J. Silk
Massive Black Holes from dissipative Dark Matter, MNRAS, 473, 328 ArXiV


B. Koertgen, S. Bovino, D.R.G. Schleicher, A. Giannetti, R. Banerjee
Deuterium fractionation and H2D+ evolution in turbulent and magnetized cloud cores, MNRAS 469, 2602 ArXiV
S. Bovino, T. Grassi, D. R. G. Schleicher, P. Caselli
H2 ortho-to-para conversion on grains: A route to fast deuterium fractionation in dense cloud cores?, ApJ Letters, 849, L25 ArXiV
A. Pallottini, A. Ferrara, S. Bovino, L. Vallini, S. Gallerani, R. Maiolino, S. Salvadori
The impact of chemistry on the structure of high-z galaxies, MNRAS, 471, 4128 ArXiV
T. Grassi, S. Bovino, T. Haugboelle, and D. R. G. Schleicher
A detailed framework to incorporate dust in hydrodynamical simulations, MNRAS, 466, 1259 ArXiV


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