October 2019: Kirsty, Luis, and Michele have now joined our group as Master students. Welcome!

October 2019: Our paper "The 3D structure of CO depletion in high-mass prestellar regions" has been now accepted. See here .

July 2019: Nicol is visiting Tommaso Grassi at LMU, Munich.

March 2019: Giovanni Sabatini from IRA, Bologna, is again visiting us for three months.

March 2019: Simon Ferrada is visiting SNS in Pisa to work with Alessandro Lupi.

January 2019: Great news: our proposal to observe pH2D+ has been approved by the SOFIA committee, we are granted 6 hrs observational time.

December 2018: Nicol Gutierrez joined our group to work on accretion processes in star-forming filaments. Welcome.

November 2018: All ready for the KROME school which will start on the 26th.

November 2018: Tommaso Grassi, from LMU Munich, is visitng us for three weeks.

November 2018: Giovanni Sabatini from IRA, Bologna, is visiting again the group for a month.

October 2018: Morin Ordenes Escobar joined our group to work on post-processing of hydro simulations.

October 2018: Giulia Bovolenta from the Department of Chemistry, Rome, is joining the group for 6 months as a visiting researcher.

August 2018: Alexis Eloy Sanchez Rodriguez from the Department of Informatics joined our group to work on a solver for Astrochemistry.

July 2018: Andrea Giannetti from IRA-Bologna is visiting us for two weeks.

June 2018: Giovanni Sabatini is visiting us for one month to work on hot-core chemistry.

June 2018: Our new cluster "Kultrun" is now in Concepcion. More here.

May 2018: Dr. Alessandro Lupi from Institute of Astrophyisics Paris is visiting us for two weeks.

April 2018: Patricio Avila joined the group. Welcome.

January 2018: Joaquin Zamponi and Simon Ferrada joined the group. Welcome.

November 2017: Our Quimal project to build the largest shared memory machine in Chile has been approved.


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